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Vessel Tank Cleaning

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In today’s safety conscious work place, the preferred option is of no-man entry into a confined space; accordingly TMCH Group has work with  range of technologies and methods using tank cleaning heads, vacuum transfer systems and other pumping solutions to clean tanks and vessels either remotely or with minimum man entry. Mostly, vessel tank cleaning involves man-entry because of the tank compartments.

TMCH Group Limited has the capacity to successfully clean various vessel and storage tanks of all sizes for the Oil&Gas industries and government agencies. Hazardous and non-hazardous wastes (dry and wet bulk) are found in these tanks. Confined space entry training is a pre-requisite to go into any tank for cleanup. These tanks are entered with breathing apparatus and are cleaned for fresh injection of product, routine/preventative maintenance and when vessel is going off-hire.

Because of the hazardous nature of confined space, TMCH Group developed a range of technologies and methods to safely clean tanks and vessels whether robot or by man entry. When wet or dry bulk muds, brines, sand, sludges deposits need removal, it’s often the case that human intervention is still necessary; our trained operatives have access to the most technologically advanced equipment available to do the job

The use of tank cleaning heads provides a robot cleaning solution allow for tanks and vessels to be cleaned with minimal requirement for man entry. We have a range of specialist cleaning heads which can be configured to meet the entry points of the tank / vessel removal of caked mud/sludge, and during off-hire of vessel.

Confined Space Entry – Technical Overview and Specification

All tanks and vessel entries are potentially dangerous. Whenever possible, operatives will use remote cleaning techniques. If and when confined space entry is required, TMCH Group personnel work under exact and detailed procedures, including task specific safety and escape routines using the correct breathing apparatus and gas monitoring

Breathing Apparatus

TMCH Group develops safe systems of work to minimize the risks involved in working in hazardous, toxic and oxygen deficient environments. In support of our Tank and Vessel cleaning and confined space working activities, TMCH own an extensive inventory of specialist Breathing Air and Gas Monitoring apparatus and ancillary equipment.

A unique combination of our own specialist equipment, highly trained operatives and safe working procedures all work towards providing a reliable and proven level of performance and safety.

TMCH Inventory of Equipment

We own, maintain and manage our own inventory of specialist equipment that allows a complete and custom service for our clients. Equipment includes:


Automated Tank Cleaning Machine

Pressure Washers

Wilden Pumps


walkie Talkie

Block and Tackles


Air Purity Analysers

Air Purification Units

Air Compressors

Gas Monitors

Positive Pressure Breathing Apparatus

Rescue Winch and Tripods stand