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Environmental monitoring is a tool and techniques designed to observe an environment, characterize its quality and establish environmental parameters for the purpose of accurately quantifying the impact our activities have on an environment.

TGL Provides the following environmental monitoring effectively to her client:

  1. Quality Air Monitoring: the air we breathe can get contaminated and pose a great health challenge to man, animals and plants. We are certified to use varieties of modern techniques and equipment to measure air pollutants.
  2. Soil and Water Sampling and Analysis: TMCH Group Limited is a leading Company in soil, sediments, surface, sewage, effluent, storm and groundwater sampling and laboratory analyses of the samples to determine the level of pollution or contamination. TMCH has modern equipment and highly trained Professionals who carry out our environmental sampling and analysis in our NUPRC and NMDPRA accredited laboratory.

Environmental Studies
Through the thorough examination of the interplay between the social, legal, management, and scientific aspects of environmental issues, TMCH offers services such as Environmental Site Assessment, Environmental Impact Assessment, Environmental Evaluation Study and Post Impact Assessment

Environmental Remediation Services
TMCH Group Limited provides tough and versatile secondary containment. We also provide beam accessories such as berm guards and the Petro-pipe hydrocarbon filter. Considering any type of spill-fuel tank spill, hazardous chemical spill, acid from batteries, TMCH ensures that sites are ready for fast and effective spill response a n d on site clean-up. TMCH specializes in providing customized solutions for oil and gas surveillance, spill and secondary spill management. Our skillfully trained and experienced personnel have the capacity to handle any spill and make the environment habitable and safe again.

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