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Corrosion can be effectively monitored and controlled. In the oil and gas industry, the amount of resources that are required to build and set up process plants and pipelines for the transportation of materials in underground, surface, or aquatic environments. Thus, corrosion monitoring and control achieve the most cost-effective plant operation while reducing the life-cycle costs associated with plant operation or transportation of materials.

In fulfilling our commitment to being a solution provider of choice, we have gone further to establish the first complete laboratory for corrosion/erosion monitoring and control services in Nigeria. This milestone was achieved in collaboration with Brown Corrosion Services Inc. in Houston, Texas. Through the committed efforts of our trained personnel and well-equipped laboratory, we offer the following to the oil and gas industry and related sectors.

  •  Supply, installation, evaluation/analysis of Corrosion Coupons and probes.
  •  Solid, liquid, and gas analysis.
  • Field services for the insertion/removal of Corrosion Coupons and collection of samples.

TMCH Group Limited is affiliated with the National Association of Corrosion Engineers (NACE) International and ASTM International Standards, worldwide.

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